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IT Maintenance

Don’t let your productivity suffer due to IT issues. Failed equipment affects productivity and your business’s bottom line. Minimize your downtime, we’ll treat your IT with care.

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Help Desk Services

When your employees are able to do their work without snags and problems, then productivity increases. Our help desk services will facilitate your IT problem management.

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Installation & Dismantle

A poorly executed installation or takedown can ruin your business. Our installation and dismantling services eliminates the hassle and worry of setup and takedown your IT equipment.

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IT Maintenance

We provide service to customers in dealing with IT problems (Servers, Networking, LAN / WAN, PC, Notebook, Printer, etc.) both existing and future development. Maintenance form tailored to the needs of each company. The benefits of service Maintenance / Maintenance include: Up Time system maintained (business continuity) in accordance with Service level Agreement (SLA), maintenance / Maintenance Periodic of appropriate scope. Maintenance documentation in the form of monthly reports.

Help Desk Services

We provide IT personnel to be placed on the customer to help both IT tasks are routine and which shaped the project. The advantages obtained by utilizing our source services include: Skill on demand (desktops, servers, networks, etc.). A flexible contract term, provided backup engineer, no vacation or sick time. No need to think about labor issues such as: THR, insurance, severance pay, etc., and where the cost is relatively cheaper.

Installation & Dismantle

We provide transfer services in the form of IT equipment (rack servers, servers, switch hub, router, pc, printer, etc.) from the old office to new offices and equipment in the installation of new back office to run well.

Predeployment & Deployment

We provide service in dealing with preinstallation OS Licence, activating some application for PC/ Notebook/ Netbook cooperated with Principal particularly Hewlett Packard and deployment units which are fully installed and configure unit with server in accordance with customer’s needs.

Project Management

We provide services in project management, where our team is highly experienced in handling project management, especially projects related to Information Technology, such as: data center, seat management, network cabling systems, etc.

Supply and Instalation

We also provide the wide range of IT products such as Desktop, Notebook, Netbook, Printer, IT Peripherals and IT Supplies.

Outgoing Support

We also provide oncall onsite support for troubleshooting Printer, PC, Netbook and other IT products with competitive fee and excellence execution.

Network Cabling System

We provide design and installation of UTP cable or fiber optic networks, where we have expert team of professionals who are ready to serve and provide solutions to the needs of consulting, network design, and network cable installation.

Security System Solution

We provide design and installation of Access Control, Biometric & CCTV Solution, where we have expert team of professionals who are ready to serve and provide solutions to the needs of consulting, network design and cable installation.