Network Cabling System

Cabling Services 

PT. Istidata Indopacific Solution Centre is proud to announce our cabling and data network support services.

Our company offers these services either directly or as sub contracted services.

We offer:

·         Cat 3, Cat 5, Cat 6 data and voice cabling

·         Coax and security alarm cabling

·         Installation of hubs, switches, patch panels and demarcations

·         Internet connectivity

·         Termination of cabling in face plates and jacks

·         Conduit installation

·         Cable Auditing and Mapping services


Wireless and Access Points 

As a natural extension of any network, in today’s computing world wireless services are necessary for convenience and communication. 

Our technicians can install wireless technologies in all manner of application from simple wireless coverage for offices to the more complex redundant wireless zones in both secured and non-secured protocols.

Knowing the how and why of wireless security and access is an ever changing technology and implementing the right gear for the right application is critical in today’s business world.

Should you require either cabling or wireless services, please contact us for a free consultation.