Help Desk Services

Work Faster

Whether you're checking your email or managing business activities from a remote, connectivity plays a crucial role in office productivity. i2s and implements secure, effective networks that help your business run smoothly.

Work Smarter 

A well-designed network allows your staff to work and communicate more quickly and effectively by enabling you to:

·         collaborate on projects with ease

·         enable efficient retrieval of crucial information

·         ensure that important information is stored safely and securely

A well-designed network takes your business needs and budget into account. We can work with the system you have in place, or we can design one from scratch. We'll also keep you up to date with emerging technological trends.


Our services include:


·         connecting notebooks

·         wiring multifunction copier systems

·         setting up central servers for document sharing

·         firewalls

·         remote and wireless offices

·         LANs (Local Area Networks)

·         multiple printer access

·         backup systems

·         training

·         administration


Work Together.

Upgrading an existing network? Setting one up from scratch? i2s creates networks that look beyond your present needs. By anticipating your future needs, we design networks that are trackable, scaleable and - most importantly - dependable.