About Us

PT. Istidata Indopacific Solution Centre is a sister company between Istidata Persada and Indopacific Cemerlang, this company was merged in 2003 and well known as I2S. I2S build with the Initial Strategy to Strengthen both Company Service Centre coverage into Nation Wide. Eventually, I2S has successfully expanded the line of business not only at Service Centre are, it also widen into:


                •  Maintenance
                •  Help Desk
                •  Deploy and Pre-Deploy Project
                •  Project Management
                •  Sales
                •  Leasing




PT. Istidata Indopacific Solution Centre

Jl. Abdul Muis No.36 G-H

Jakarta 10160 – Indonesia

Phone : +62213848233, +62213850833

Fax : +62213840919, +62213848620